The Conversion from Solvent to Waterborne Toyota and PPG sign agreement for furher cooperation in Thailand (Source by Green Plus No.8)
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 15:04



At a special ceremony held in Bangkok on 11 July 2011, Toyota Motor Thailand (TMT) and PPG Refinish Thailand signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which witnessed further cooperation between both parties to support the development of Toyota’s Dealer network in Thailand.


One of the main purposes of the MOU is regarding that PPG will support Toyota to convert its auto repair coating system from the traditional solvent base to PPG’s innovated waterborne system. It is a huge project since it involved all Toyota’s repair facilities across Thailand.


In Thailand, Toyota has owned a well established dealer network with over 150 repair facilities and this number is still increaseing to ensure that Toyota customer’s repair demands will be fully satisfied regardless wherever they are in the country.


Both Toyota and its dealers realized the conversion is a natural progression, given Toyota’s global focus to a more environmentally friendly solution for vehicle manufacturing and repair. The launch of Toyota’s Hybrid vehicles demonstrates its ambitions. Toyota customers too, have recognized that they can play their part in proctecting the enviroment when having their vehicles repaired, with a much more eco-friendlier waterborne product such as PPG Envirobase High Performance.


Since the conversion project began in July 2010, there has been a steady move to waterborne throughout the Toyota dealer network. By end of 2011, almost all existing Toyota Body & Paint Repair facilities in Thailand have converted to waterborne system.


In addition, during the transitional period, all the newly establised facilities also adopted the waterborne from very beginning, ensuring the consistence and quality of Toyota’s reparing service.


TMT and PPG worked closely to control the performance of waterborne system with supervision on color match, paint consumption, application speed and repairing efficiency, ensuring that the whole transitional period went smoothly and all Toyota dealers are sastified with the new system.


Another key point of the conversion is the training to dealers’ repairing technicians. Toyota regards training very critical to their ongoing success and as such, PPG actively provides proper training to the technicians both in their body shops and in PPG refinish training centre located at Bangkok.


In addition, Toyota holds various auto repairing skill contests each year. Dealers will send their best technicians to strive for excellence since the winner will be a great prestige not only to the technician, but also to the dealers. For this reason, PPG’s application training is welcome and highly recognized by dealers.


PPG is extremely pround to be involved as a partner with Toyota’s green movement from solvent base to waterborne coating system. With the leading waterborne technology, PPG is supporting Toyota toward its ultimate goal of “Going Green”.

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