Color Print Tools
Monday, 20 February 2012 08:49

Choosing the right color and formulation is key to achieving precise color matches. To help assure you get the right color every time, PPG’s color experts make available a comprehensive choice of color print tools.


Comprehensive color matching system.

The Nexa Autocolor ColorPlus system, designed for use with the Nexa Autocolor 2K topcoat system, contains color chips and corresponding paint codes for thousands of the latest color variants, covering both domestic and import vehicles. Use it to identify a color that best matches the actual color of the customer's vehicle to save time and eliminate costly mistakes.

nexa autocolor color register

The Color Register is a comprehensive OEM color reference guide providing extensive color identification information and easy-to-use compatibility tables by model year.







Tint guide posters

Valuable tools for tinting colors.

Nexa Autocolor tint guides are valuable tools for identifying the color properties of specific toners when a color requires tinting.

Technicians find that these tools make it easy to determine how using a specific toner will move a color.

Color instruments

Prophet II Spectrophotometer


Advanced optics technology for matching an unknown or difficult-to-match color—Prophet II makes accurate color matching easy.



Advanced optics technology for matching an unknown or difficult-to-match color.

The Prophet® II spectrophotometer offers the advanced capability of “reading” the actual color of a vehicle from 5 reflective angles and linking to PPG’s comprehensive color formula database of more than 1 million formulas and variant colors. If the vehicle's actual color varies from the original standard, Prophet II selects the closest match, adjusts the color if needed, and automatically downloads the formula to PPG TouchMix® Paint Manager™ software, ready for mixing. Advanced, yet simple-to-use, Prophet II makes accurate color matching easy as 1-2-3.

1. Take a reading of the actual color
2. Link to the PPG color database and automatically determine the most blendable match
3. Mix the color using TouchMix® touch-screen software

The attached Prophet® II user guide has information that will assist you with the day to day challenges of matching difficult-to-match colors. Prepared with the knowledge on the use of Prophet II, the fastest way to blend-able color match can be a success.